Sixth Grade Humanities: Social Studies & Religion

Our exploration of ancient society and cultures focuses on the history of our world dating from prehistory all the way through the fall of Rome. We will cover the regions of Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and Africa. Students will investigate cultures and apply knowledge to modern scenarios, profile prominent figures throughout time, and work with interactive online tools to supplement their learning of maps and use of activities in the text.

Our study of the Old Testament will span from Genesis to the Israelites’ exodus from ancient Egypt, to the golden eras and dark exiles of the Hebrew people. Notable figures, especially prophets, will also be featured.

Essential Questions:

  • How did religion influence ancient societies?
  • What are our cultural roots?
  • How can different perspectives shape our understanding of each other?

Our studies of ancient civilizations and Old Testament typically overlap. We’ll look at the creation story and the first humans in the Old Testament (Adam and Eve) while studying the early nomads and first settlements. We’ll look at Exodus while studying ancient Egypt, Ancient China while studying the Wisdom books, and so on.

Current events will also be covered in 6th Grade Social Studies.


  • History of Our World (Prentice Hall)
  • Various web resources, including multimedia
  • Finding God (Loyola Press)
  • The Catholic Youth Study Bible 4th Edition (St. Mary’s Press)
    • Want your own copy? You can purchase one here.
  • Venture Magazine (weekly Gospel readings)
  • Various print sources covering our CST in relation to Ancient times.