Meet Mrs. Sommerville

Mrs. Sommerville has been working in education for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Eastern Washington University, a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from City University, as well as endorsements in Library, K-8 Elementary Education, Math, Reading and Technology from Antioch University.

Prior to joining OLG, her most recent work experience was at Fairwood Elementary School in Kent, where she held the role of Librarian and Technology Integration Specialist for a building-wide one-student, one-computer (1:1) pilot program.

Mrs. Somerville lives in West Seattle with her husband and their little Shih Tzu dog, named Scruffy. She has two adult children who are OLG alumni. She enjoys walking on the beach, meandering through the forest (she says she can’t really call it hiking anymore) and she is starting to transition out of camping and glamping into hotel travel.

Her most recent excursion was to Scotland and the home of golf, which is her new favorite sport/pastime. Both Mrs. Sommerville and her husband and are Sounders fans and enjoy going to watch the games together!