Classroom Expectations, Behavior Management & Grading

Our Third Grade classroom creates a small and diverse community of learners, where each student is an active member, expected to act in accordance with simple but important behavioral guidelines which we encourage children to embrace, meet and, if possible, exceed.

Thus, our Third Grade classroom has the following core Classroom Expectations:

  • We keep our classroom and community a nice place to be, by:
    • Always being honest.
    • Being a good listener.
    • Asking before leaving the room.
    • Exercising safety in the classroom.
  • We are respectful of others and the classroom, by:
    • Never speaking inappropriate or unkind words.
    • Keeping our hands and feet to ourselves.
    • Raising our hands instead of interrupting.
    • Keeping our desks and room neat and tidy.
  • We are thoughtful of others in the school, by:
    • Walking quietly in the halls.
    • Behaving in the restrooms

In Third Grade, we use a Behavior Chart and “Hoch Bucks” to encourage students to make good behavioral choices. Your child will record their daily behavior in their Friday Notebooks. The behavior chart is made up of four colors:

  • Green: Doing great,
  • Yellow: Needed a behavior reminder,
  • Orange: Needed two-three behavioral reminders, and
  • Red: Student struggled significantly to meet behavioral expectations

Note: If a student’s behavior results in a severe disruption or serious safety issue, the student will be sent immediately to the office.

Hoch Bucks: The third grade class will be actively involved in a year-long study of economics where they earn “Hoch Bucks” for jobs well done. Students will accumulate Hoch Bucks for our classroom auctions, where they can buy items including, but not limited to: free homework passes, teacher-student desk swap coupons, stickers, toys, popcorn, party coupons and recess with the teacher coupons. The first auction will be in December. Students track their weekly earnings in their Friday Journal.

The intended goal of Hoch Bucks is for students to take more pride in their work, their behavior, and in taking responsibility for their actions. They learn to keep track of their money, and not to lose it. They learn how to save up for things that are important to them. They will also learn the value of earning money, instead of just being given things for free. Each week, students earn Hoch Bucks for the following things:

    • $1.00/day when they show perfect behavior (stayed on green!)
    • $1.00/day when they complete their homework on-time
    • $1.00/day when they complete their classroom job responsibilities
    • $1.00 for each week their desk is neat and organized (random weekly inspections)
    • Up to $3.00 for weekly Super Star Activities
    • Opportunities for Bonus Bucks for outstanding displays of leadership, kindness, focus, and study.


Grading of Standards will be as follows:

  • 4 (E) Above/Exceeds Standard: Demonstrates independent skill well-above grade-level standards, independently, with NO major errors or omissions in info or processes.

  • 3 (M) Meeting Standard: Independently completes grade-level work with NO major errors or omissions regarding any of the grade-level info and/or processes (simple or complex) that were explicitly taught.

  • 2 (W) Working Towards Standard: Independently completes work with no major errors or omissions regarding the simpler DETAILS and processes BUT major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas & processes.

  • 1 (S) Significantly Below Standard: Requires significant help to understand info & processes & to accurately complete assignments.