Information for Current School Families

On this page, current school families with children attending Third Grade, can find all relevant and current information specific to this classroom.

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Meet your Classroom PO Volunteers:

We give GREAT thanks for ALL of our parent volunteers! Some of our key volunteers are:

  • Parent Org Rep:               N/A
  • Room Parent:                   Elicia Howell
  • Service Project:               Cayley Crofta & Krista Gustelius
  • Book Orders:                    Sarah House & Danica Kustok
  • Field Trip Coordinator:    Aimee Cabrera
  • Auction Parent:                Dana Elsner

Stay tuned to meet our 2023/2024 Classroom Volunteers! Interested to participate? Find out more HERE!

From your Class’ Homeroom Teacher:

  • Parent/Teacher Communication: Communication will be mostly by email through the Alma attendance system. If you prefer hardcopies of communications, please send me a note asking for hardcopies of newsletters, reminders, notes, etc. My goal is to provide comprehensive and consistent classroom communication through weekly newsletters. Classroom newsletters will be sent via email at the beginning of each week, usually Sunday night. The newsletter will inform you of our weekly activities, special notes, and important dates. I am also available to meet with parents after school at a mutually agreed time. You can contact me by email at I find that email is the most efficient way to reach me.

  • Snacks: Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack each day. Please help ensure that your child’s snack is, indeed, healthy. Some suggestions include: yogurt, granola bars, fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, pretzels, etc.

  • Birthdays: We love celebrating birthdays! Please let me know at least a day ahead of time if your child will be bringing a treat so I can plan ahead. The best times for sharing treats are during lunch or in the afternoon. If a birthday falls on the weekend or school holiday, we can celebrate on Friday or Monday. For summer birthdays, we like to celebrate ½ birthdays.

  • Homework: The average time for homework will be approximately 30-40 minutes each night. Students are expected to read for at least 20 of those minutes and to track their daily reading on the Weekly Reading Log. The Weekly Reading Log is sent home at the beginning of each week and is due on the last day of the week. Students will also have spelling, math, science/social studies/religion, and writing/grammar assignments throughout the week. In addition, long term projects will also be assigned throughout the year.

  • Friday Notebooks: Third graders record their weekly behavior, homework, classroom job responsibilities, and Hoch Buck earnings in their Friday Notebooks. The Friday Notebook is a communication tool for teachers, students and parents. Students will take home their Friday Journal at the end of each week. They are responsible for showing parents their work. I ask that parents read and sign the Friday Notebook over the weekend. Students are expected to return the Friday Notebook the following Monday.

  • Super Star Activities: Super Star Activities are a way to challenge students and to keep their brains active. Each week (starting in October), there will be up to 3 new Super Star activities or tasks to complete for extra learning. Some activities may require research. These are optional assignments and are not required.

  • The Giving Tree: Third graders are encouraged to report good deeds and positive things they see others doing by adding leaves to our Giving Tree. Students write down good deeds they see happen throughout the day on leaves, then tape the leaves to our Giving Tree. We’re excited to watch it bloom all year long!

  • Pre-K Buddies: Third Grade is partnering with Pre-K this year. Once a month the two classes will come together to complete a special project. We will also work together on our service project to help WestSide Baby with item drives. We’re excited to be special buddies with the Pre-K students!


  • Please write your child’s name in sweaters, jackets, vests. It helps us get “lost” items to their owners.
  • Boots: Please realize that boots of any kind are NOT uniform, even in inclement weather. If your child wears boots to school, please make sure they have uniform shoes to wear during the day.
  • Jackets: Please make sure your child has one everyday. The weather changes quickly, and should there be an emergency we want to make sure they are always warm & dry.