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Environmental Education – Camp Hamilton

[Cancelled]  May 5th-8th 2020

We held our parent informational meeting night on March 5th with a camp representative… but in the days following we have received word that camp has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak and our new world we live in.   We are looking at other “virtual environmental education” options at this time.

General Camp Hamilton Info:

What does canoeing next to a beaver dam, feeling wildlife bones, and coring a red cedar have to do with our Catholic faith? Fifth and sixth grade students at Camp Hamilton’s Environmental Education program get to experience science through a Catholic lens,  using Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’, and supporting the Next Generation Science Standards. This 3 or 4 day residential camping program calls students, through the voice of our Holy Father, to apply the science lessons and environmental stewardship beyond the old forests of Camp Hamilton to the student’s schools, churches, and communities.

 $175 per student.


Salmon Service Project

In Fall we journey out to a local stream bed and learn about water quality, storm run-off, and healthy stream beds.  Every winter we setup the fishtank in our hallway and get a new batch of eggs.  We partner with our 1st grade buddies to study the life cycle and care for the eggs as they hatch and grow.  Come spring time, we release the salmon into the stream!

Watch this video as we partner with 1st grade to make environmental learning of water quality and salmon life cycle come alive! https://vimeo.com/221094688