From The Parent Org Chair

Welcome back for another great year OLG families!

It is hard to believe that our family’s journey with OLG is coming to an end as my daughter Samantha enters 8th grade. Being part of the OLG community has been amazing and every year we are reaffirmed by our decision to send our daughter here. It feels like just yesterday we were dropping her off at Kindergarten and now we are making decisions about High School.    As I look back, I realize I have been part of the OLG Parent Organization for all but two years. It seemed like the right time to reengage and have my story come full circle by agreeing to be the Vice Chair last year and PO Chair this final year.

What is the OLG Parent Organization? We are a group of committed parents who love to be involved with our children’s school and enjoy working together for the greater good of our school and education of the students. One of the key ways we support the school is through the various fundraisers, which help keep the cost of tuition down and provide support for other necessary school expenses. The goal is to raise $125,000! This can’t be accomplished without parent participation on the PO and involvement in the fundraising activities. It is not all about fundraising though, we also coordinate other fun family and community engagement events and help inform the student and family experience at OLG.

The Parent Organization does so much to support the success of the school that I hope you will say “Yes, I would love to get involved!” when you hear about opportunities.   Simply being an OLG family makes you part of the Parent Organization (PO) but we also need your skills and talent to dive in and help get things done.   We still have several opportunities available so please take a look and see if something interests you.

Throughout the year look for informative information from your PO Classroom Rep who will make sure you know about upcoming activities and volunteer opportunities. Whether you take on an official role with the PO or help support individual events it is a great way to 1) earn your commitment hours, 2) get to know other OLG families, and 3) have some fun and do good for your school!

I also invite you to participate in the PO’s regular monthly meetings – the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Math Lab. Upcoming meeting dates are always announced in the weekly school newsletter and on the school website. At the PO meeting, you can get an update from our Principal and School Commission, find out what the upcoming events are and how you can help, and share your great ideas with the PO Board. All parents are welcome. We look forward to seeing you soon!

It has been a rewarding experience coming together with a group of individuals who share in a common goal. I believe our children benefit most from that sense of community and commitment. As each of our students participate in a service project it also has an invaluable impact on them for us to model the commitment to service and see their parents work together and have a great time while supporting the school and community.

Best wishes for a fantastic school year!


Michelle Scheving, PO Chair, parent of OLG 8th grade student