October 19th Newsletter

Dear Families,

We have reached the midpoint of our first trimester, and I find myself thinking about community. What does it mean to be a community? By definition, it is simply a group of people living in the same place, or having a similar characteristic in common. To me, to be a community is so much more than any definition that’s out there. It’s about the way that we lift one another up through a common mission. It’s about the way we support each other for the betterment of all, and seek ways to grow, forgive, and thrive. It is about the love and the life that is shared in the simple day to day. It is a feeling. A hope. A belief. A prayer. Community is about unity and faith; threads and pieces intertwined together that when bonded, form a beautiful quilt or tapestry. Community is a treasure that lasts long after so many other things have faded away.

At OLG, community is our foundation. It is the relationship that feeds all that we do, and defines who we are. Individually, we are beautiful threads, but when we come together, we form something remarkable. I am reminded of the power of our community…Continue Reading