September 10th Newsletter

Dear OLG Families,


Orientation is over and we are up and running! Our Day Camp and ELC in-person classes have been motoring along… it’s been great to have students back on campus!!! While temperature checks, coordinating space in the gym on smokey days, and wearing masks all day are new, our kids are quickly adapting. All our teachers are making adjustments daily as well, and I hope you see many of the adaptations and fruits of our summer plans coming into play. One of the adaptations we took in our distance learning plans was introducing more synchronous time (i.e. live zoom classes). Students have been working very hard this week in all their synchronous classes, but we know that asynchronous, flexible, off-screen scheduling is also important for everyones’ mental health and stability. Tomorrow our K-5 students have their first day of asynchronous learning…Continue Reading