December 7th Newsletter

Dear Families,

This week, we celebrated the first week of Advent, where we heard about the many ways that we are called to be people of hope. Now in the Advent readings, being hopeful doesn’t mean waiting for Santa to bring the toy you’ve told absolutely no one you wanted. It also doesn’t mean life suddenly becoming a Hallmark movie simply by visiting a small town over the Christmas holiday. Both of these things are not what we mean when talking about being people of hope.  Rather, to be hopeful during Advent means to believe that something and someone greater is ahead.

In many cultures and communities around the world, the first candle of Advent is actually not referenced as “the hope candle” but rather the Prophecy candle, named after all the prophets who foretold of the coming of the Lord, a savior, THE Savior, decades and centuries before He arrived. They waited in hopeful anticipation for something greater than themselves to come and be the light…Continue Reading