November 30th Newsletter

Dear Families,

Last week, in my own excitement for Thanksgiving, I shared with you that Advent kicked off on Sunday. Advent actually kicks off THIS Sunday, so I hope that you enjoyed your extra weekend to prepare and gather as a family, thinking about all that you can do together this Advent season, bringing light to others as we await the coming of Christ’s birth at Christmas. Much more on Advent can be found below, and in the weeks to come, at Mass, and as well as in your FCE next week. We hope that you will take time to read it, and rather than make haste, take pause, and prepare in joyful anticipation of the season that is ahead of us. Use the handmade Advent wreaths from Family Groups today at home and look to the prayers that will be in the newsletter.

In our final Words of Wisdom, this year, we hear from…Continue Reading