February 21st Newsletter

Dear OLG Families,

Thank you one and all for your flexibility around all the wintery weather of recent weeks. We’ve returned to our normal energy around school and it’s truly been wonderful to see students and staff immediately re-engage in great education (with a few makeup Valentine parties). As a parent myself I was certainly ready for a return to normal schedules! Speaking of schedules, many have asked about snow make-up and affects on calendar. We have always maintained more-than-minimum instructional hours (as per state code) and are not required by law to add-back in any days. But, we do know that our school’s instructional goals go beyond the state minimum and therefore we are adding one day back into our class schedules:

Friday, March 15th (originally set aside for a regional inservice day)
is now a full regular school day for all grades

Auction is rolling and I know you’ve seen lots of communication from the parent org. Last day for online tickets/reserved seating/etc is Tuesday, Feb. 26th! Tickets are going fast, Continue Reading