Newsletter March 16th

Dear OLG Families,

Thank you for the support of our teachers! Last Friday was a retreat and inservice for our teachers to focus on our mission, especially developing leadership and service in our students. Just like Jesus did in the weekend Gospel message of the Women at the Well, we are all called to reach out to the marginalized, whether in our classrooms our out in the community. This timely training was the first to be partly supported by our Academic Excellence Initiative focusing and supporting our teachers in working with our diverse students (click here to read more). Our matching gift of $10,000 post-auction is available all this month to bring us to our full goal of teacher support (donate here to help us get that match)!

Your family can also take part in serving those marginalized by our society. Join the OLG community in the March 25th Day of Service to model our call to action (and have fun with friends too). Busy on March 25th? You can still help with the “Seafarers & Homeless/Homebound Kits” donations.

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