Newsletter May 30th

Dear Families,

As we wind down the school year, we amp up the events. Our day-to-day activities may be different than the norm, we do things that are joyful and exciting, and occasionally a bit overstimulating for some of our (especially younger) schoolmates. Last week, we had an awesome K-8 Field Day led by Ms. Mackenzie and our 7th graders. Though freezing and wet, the warmth that was felt out there together, and the joy that was shared, was palpable. Speaking of palpable— that afternoon, we had a schoolwide gathering in the gym for the 8th grade v. staff volleyball game (staff won!) An annual tradition, the volume could literally be felt. Had we had a decibel meter, it would have been off the charts. The joy we share is a gift. Thank you to all who made it happen. To the many hands who cooked and wrapped hot dogs, to the smiles that stayed on faces long after the initial excitement had faded– how lucky are we to have it all. Thank you.

Tomorrow the joy continues with Principal for the Day, a coveted Auction Item! We welcome Mr. Seba to the office tomorrow, to lead us in many fun and surprising things! Tomorrow should be a day to remember too. And that’s not all…Continue Reading