November 16th Newsletter

Good afternoon Families,

A few quick announcements prior to my newsletter today.

  • Tuition Assistance communication will be going out next week. Note that for returning families, the deadline to apply for tuition assistance through Fulcrum and OLG is firm: December 31st. No exceptions. If you believe you may need assistance, please complete FACTS Grant & Aid. More details to come next week.
  • Next week is Thanksgiving week. Wednesday is a ½ day and there is no aftercare ELC or EDC. Thank you for understanding.
  • Please see the calendar and the sections below for further details.

Yesterday I was reading my prayer book, which focuses on Ignatian Spirituality. The passage was talking about Achilles, from the Iliad, who hungered for fame so much that he was willing to die for glory, sacrificing all else, including love and happiness, simply to be recognized, seen as great, seen as special, the most important, etc. Nothing else, no one else mattered, only him and his hunger and thirst for fame, and satisfying his needs above all else. The passage went on to reflect on what Ignatius would have thought about Achilles, but the last line struck me, and I keep finding myself returning to it. The line was this: “You are not special. At the center of all things is love, not you.”

You are not special? Did God not make us…Continue Reading