Mrs. (Señora) Nofrietta

Hello everyone!

I am so excited and blessed to teaching Art (as well as Spanish) this year at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. I am delighted to be part of the creative learning experience for your children and look forward to helping them on their journey on becoming excited, motivated, and interested in the fascinating world of the visual arts!

My name is Vivette Nofrietta (aka “Señora Nofrietta” if you are attending my Spanish classes) and I really love making connections with students. I’ve been teaching for more than 12 years in Mexico and now God and life have brought me here to live this beautiful experience in such a wonderful place. In all these years I have found that when I have fun, and my students have fun, everyone forgets that we are actually working on something, and learning happens much more easily and naturally.

Let’s be creative and discover the world of art!