Parent Org Volunteering Opportunities

As a parent/guardian at OLG, you are automatically a member of the PO: the Parent Organization. By actively participating in school life, you not only fuel our volunteer committees, activities and events, but you also provide an inspiring example for our students.


Volunteer for a role on our OLG Parent Organization and earn hours towards your required annual commitment hours!

Be a part of the Parent Org Leadership Team! Have a KEY ROLE making YOUR CHILD’s school experience as great as it can be! Do it for the opportunity to be an active member of the parent group with one of the strongest impact potential in your child’s school experience. Step up to fill vital roles such as PO Chair, Vice Chair, Hospitality Chair, Social Media, and more!

Looking for event-specific volunteering opportunities instead?

Check out our Event Specific Volunteering Page!

Monthly PO Meetings:

  • Join us the 2nd Tuesday of each month for PO Meeting at 6:30pm! We look forward to seeing everyone there!
  • Upcoming events and any other meetings are always announced in the Weekly School Newsletter and are always listed on the School Calendar
  • You can also find any PO updates and PO Meeting minutes on our PO News page


Questions? Contact our PO Chair at

DO NOT FORGET: All volunteers who work with children and/or money must complete the Safe Environment Program (managed by VIRTUS). For more details, check out our Safe Environment Program page or contact our local Safe Environment Coordinator, Sandy Plummer at (206) 935-0358.