Curriculum Overview

At all grades, students are taught drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media and sculpture. Projects vary each year with, some of them, directly linked to the student’s classroom learning in science, math, social studies or religion. Art class is a place where students get to experiment, learn technical skills, brainstorm creative concepts and most importantly have fun! Student projects are centered around the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Our curriculum not only aligns with the National Core Art Standards, but also follows the Washington State Learning Standards for Visual Art, which provide a framework for effective K–12 arts education by setting out a coherent structure for building students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills, while also encouraging them to explore and express their own creativity.


All students K-8th create a portfolio of work spanning the whole year. Students in grades 5-8th create artist statements after the completion of a project to reflect on their work and set goals for future pieces.

Students in grades 5-8 create sketchbooks which are used during the class period to develop drawing skills, take notes and explore different mediums before completing finalized projects.

Many projects are centered around studying a specific artist, time period or style of art and creating personal works in that style.

During art class creativity is always encouraged.  From the very first day, students are taught that they need to be positive with themselves and with their classmates.  Only positive comments about another student’s work is allowed.  This creates a safe and comfortable learning environment that encourages students to take risks when trying new mediums and techniques.

Students are also encouraged to to ask “what if”  questions when doing their work and to push past the obvious. While they are asked to be quiet and attentive during instruction, students are allowed to talk when doing their work to help them relax.

Each student is expected to do their very best work and to stay on task. They are also encouraged to ask any questions they may have, while our Art Specialist checks in with each one of them as they are working, to let them know the great things she sees happening in their work!