Music Program

Welcome to a new year in OLG Music!MM910001156

The 2017-18 School Year is here!  Here are some of the things that will be happening in Music Class this year:

  • Continued use of awesome technology AND non-technology! for unique ways of learning music.
  • Continued use of our Music Express Magazine with all the wonderful songs, dances, stories, and lessons they include.
  • 4th/5th CHORUS:  This year, we plan to:
    • give a few impromptu lunchtime performances,
    • sing carols at Providence, the OLG Light Up the Night, and the school Christmas sing-along,
    • lead every school mass and audition for cantor roles
    • learn how to sing two-part harmony and rounds
    • audition for the National Anthem at a Mariner’s Game (it’s really hard to get chosen, but we’ll do our best)
    • perform extraordinary songs at the Winter and Spring Concerts
    • learn and videotape a Music Express Magazine song and submit the video for inclusion in their larger video.  Here is last year’s final video with OLG Kids!

If your child (Kindergarten through 10th Grade) is interested in choral singing outside of school, please look into this West Seattle organization: the Endolyne Children’s Choir —  They’ve been around since 2003.

My directive is to help kids experience the joy of music and I am honored to do that in every single moment that I spend with the students.  Here’s to an excellent school year!

Ms. Sager




  • WEEK 19.1 (1/23) 5th:  Learn a little choreography for “Lazy Song”, practice on stage.  3rd:  Rhythm Game “Go To Bed, Tom!” + rehearse “Joy to the World”.
  • WEEK 18.1 (1/16) Mostly rehearse Concert songs plus use games, especially Rhythm Jeopardy for 4th!  Really good math word problems done in your head and under time pressure.
  • WEEK 17.3 (1/11) 4th:  Watch MusicExpress interview and performances by Canadian Brass.  Continue learning song for Winter Concert: “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” plus “What A Wonderful World”.  2nd/1st/K:  On this rainy day, we read “The Little Raindrop” with kids on screen (Google Play Books), watch video of Kingfishers diving for fish, sing along to The Music Show “We’re Gonna Sing High, Low, and Right in the Middle”, and practice our songs for the Winter Concert.
  • WEEK 17.2 (1/10) 3rd:  Continue learning song for Winter Concert: “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night with alternate lyrics plus “What A Wonderful World”.  Watch MusicExpress interview and performances by Canadian Brass.
  • WEEK 17.CHORUS:  Rehearse “He Lives in You”, “What A Wonderful World”, “To You O God I Lift Up My Soul” (psalm for Special Persons Mass), and “Jacob’s Ladder”.  Hold auditions for “He Lives In You” drum & vocal solos and more drumming auditions during lunch.
  • WEEK 17.1 (1/9)  5th:  Start learning their Concert song:  “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars (new words, appropriate for kids and for the concert).  Also learn to sing “Get On Board” with a square dance.  4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K/PreK:  Watch “The Music Show” about musical styles.  Discuss and brainstorm musical styles.  Begin learning songs for concert.
  • WEEK 16.2 (1/4)  4th/2nd/1st/K:  Learn to sing “Get On Board” (a traditional spiritual), find partners, face each other in 2 lines, learn a little square dance to the song. Here’s the 1st Grade’s final attempt: [YouTube].  We also learned about Beethoven and his 5th Symphony.
  • WEEK 16.CHORUS (1/3):  We begin to learn two songs for our Winter Concert (“The Creation Story”) and they both make me cry.  Drumming try-outs also take place.
  • WEEK 16.2 (1/3/18):  3rd:  Learn to sing “Get On Board” (a traditional spiritual), find partners, face each other in 2 lines, learn a little square dance to the song.  Here’s a crazy video of our final attempt.  PK:  Dance to “Boom”, learn about Chinese ehru, dance to “Freeze/Melt”, listen to funny Beethoven’s 5th (Beethoven’s Wig) and the real 5th Symphony.
  • WEEK 16.1 (1/2/18):  Happy New Year!  5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st:  Watch video on Luca Padovan, a Broadway performer in shows like “Newsies” and “School of Rock”.  Watch him in other videos, as well. Talk about Winter Concert Theme:  “The Creation Story” and what songs we will likely sing.  PK, K, 1st, 2nd:  Dance to “Boom” (up and down, up and down!).  Some classes with extra time watch a little about China, the Chinese stringed instrument: ehru, and Ribbon Dancing.  Extra time also lets some classes play “Beat the Teacher”.
  • WEEK 15.3 (12/13/17)  Chorus practices choreography for “Let it Snow” for today’s School Sing-Along.  We also cut up blue and white paper, put in bags to make SNOW for the finale of our song (pic below)!  Chorus then leads the rest of the school in Christmas carols.
  • WEEK 15.2 (12/12 & 12/14) All classes:  Name That Christmas Tune.  I play songs at the piano, kids guess the song from a list on hand-out.
  • WEEK 15.1 (12/12)  9am Mass with Chorus (5 verses of Holy is Your Name, each a different duet or trio).  Guadalupe Song (to Pescador de Hombres), We Give Our Hearts to You, Hail Holy Queen, and other Mary songs.
  • WEEK 14.2 (12/7)  4th:  StoryBots solfege + “Lou”.  2nd, 1st, K:  The Music Show “Form”, Music map of “March of the Wooden Soldiers”, watch Rockettes perform their dance to “Dance of the Wooden Soldiers”, Learn to dance the Hora!
  • WEEK 14.CHORUS (12/6) Record National Anthem, practice OLG Feast songs, brainstorm Christmas songs for performance at Sing-Along.
  • WEEK 14.1 (12/5)  5th, 4th:  Cut snowflakes, sing with StoryBots solfege.  3rd:  StoryBots solfege, take turns leading.  Connect-the-Dots worksheet.  2nd, 1st, K:  Connect-the-dots worksheet + StoryBots solfege.
  • December 1, 2017. Chorus members are invited to sing this Friday night!
    This invitation should’ve come home Wednesday.
  • WEEK 13.2  4th, 3rd: Worksheet: review Whole, half, quarter, eighth notes.  Fill in 4/4 blanks and take musical dictation in 4/4 time.  Dance to “Freeze! Melt!”  2nd, 1st, K: Learn the notes on a keyboard (write note names, identify groupings) and play a game on that tests us on the keys.
  • WEEK 13.CHORUS  Practice songs for OLG Feast Day and Nat’l Anthem.
  • WEEK 13.PreK/PreS  Dance to “Freeze! Melt”.  Play melodies/notes on staff (E and F) directly on xylophones!  AMAZING!  They totally get it.  Drumming freeze and go.  Watch “Presto” short.
  • WEEK 13.1  Play Christmas-y E, F, G, A melodies on xylophones, get points to open up Red Box surprise!
  • WEEK 12.2  Thanksgiving! 
  • WEEK 12.CHORUS  Basking in our memories (quick rehearsal lets out early).  Practice National Anthem, in case Mariners pick us this year!
  • WEEK 12.1  Drumming What’s Your Favorite, watch Seahawks Halftime video, and other things…?
  • WEEK 12.SEAHAWKS!  Spend most of day with 4th/5th Chorus at Seahawks Stadium!  Sing “Pack Up Your Troubles”, “You’re A Grand Ol’ Flag”, “America, the Beautiful”, and “God Bless America”!  Info here:
  • WEEK 11.2  Dance to Spiderman.  Watch Beethoven’s Wig.  Short Talent Show, watch short “Incredible Life of Books”.
  • WEEK 11.CHORUS  Practice all Seahawks tunes!
  • WEEK 11.1  Play Boomwhackers to “Street Beat”. Play Incredibox.
  • WEEK 10.2  Listen to and identify different pieces from “Carnival of the Animals” by Saint-Saens.  Freeze to drumming, watch “Piper” short.
  • WEEK 10.CHORUS Practice Veterans Day tunes plus Christmas tunes.
  • WEEK 10.1  Learn about Military Bands, John Philip Sousa, different branches of the military.  Share if we have military in our families.
  • WEEK 9.2 School Conferences
  • WEEK 9.MASS  Our super-strong Chorus led the All Saints Mass, singing “We Are The Hands and Feet of Christo”, “Oh, When the Saints” (with Dani & Stella on TRUMPETS!), “Shepherd Me, O God”, “Alleluia”, “Go Forth”, “Blest Are They”, “Litany” of all the 3rd Grade Saints, and “Soon and Very Soon”.
  • Week 9.1  5th/4th/3rd/2nd:  More matching Halloween Rhythms to their phrases.  Read a Halloween poem with dynamics from ppp-fff.  Fill in a Halloween poem about Bats using the Treble Clef.  Drumming call-response about Favorite Halloween Candy!  1st/K/PreK/PreS:  Watch video short “Ghost Light” or “Presto”.  Sing/dance to Halloween Hand Jive.  Drumming call-response about favorite Halloween candy.
  • Week 8.2  All:  Sing “Down By the Bay”, compose our own Halloween words (Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go, for if I do, my mother will say: Have you ever seen a VAMPIRE sitting by a CAMPFIRE down by the bay?).  Also, Halloween-themed worksheets on treble clef and rhythm.
  • Week 8.CHORUS  Practice all the songs for next week’s mass.  5th graders rehearse the psalm, trumpeters rehearse for “Oh, When the Saints”.
  • Week 8.1 5th/4th/3rd: Sing a round of “Ghost of John”.  Match Halloween phrases to their musical rhythms, dance to “Mannequin” or Drum Freeze. 2nd/1st: Practice drawing notes, find rests in a sea of musical notations, ID rhythms played on drum, sing “Ghost of John”. K: Dance to “Mannequin” and Drum Freeze, individual choices on “Incredibox”, watch “Piper”. PreK: sing Halloween version of “Down by the Bay”, dance to “Mannequin”, watch “Piper”.
  • Week 7.MASS Chorus did an EXCELLENT JOB at their first mass!  We sing: “We Are Marching” in English & S. African WITH Alba on drum!  Also, “Keep Me Safe, O God” with 9 psalm cantors, Gloria & Alleluia with Gabby and Sophia, “Somebody’s Knockin'”, “Holy Spirit”, “The Hands & Feet of Christo” (to the Despacito tune), and “Alleluia! Love Is Alive”.  Pretty awesome!
  • Week 7.2  K-4th Learn and sing American Folk Song “Ghost of John“.  Identify characteristics of phrases (highest, descending, etc.).  Add choreography, add instruments for full-blown performance. Learn about melodies that go Up, Down, or Stay the Same on The Music Show.  Identify which printed notes on a scale go up, down, or stay the same.  Listen to the piano and identify phrases that go up, down, or stay the same.  Dance to “Do the Mannequin” for filler.
  • Week 7.CHORUS Practice all songs for Mass tomorrow plus God Bless America, National Anthem, Amen Song.
  • Week 7.1 5th: Learn “Hands & Feet of Christo”, compose two measures of 4/4 melody, combine individual melodies into a class song.  4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  Learn “Hands & Feet of Christo”, watch MusicExpress video about Broadway Backstage at “Aladdin”!, answer questions about the video, dance to “Do the Mannequin”.  PreK&PreS: Dance to “Do the Mannequin” and learn about melodies that go Up, Down, or Stay the Same on The Music Show!
  • Week 6.2  4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  Learn “God Bless America” and “Hands & Feet of Christo”, use known notes and rests to write individual 4-measure, 4/4 melodies on staff paper (and I play each student’s “composition” on piano).
  • Week 6.CHORUS Practice “Hands & Feet of Christo” with shakers, “God Bless America” with new intro, “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” with some sit/stand movements, and “Keep Me Safe, O God” with psalm singers.
  • Week 6.1  5th: Play “Beat Detective” circle game, then practice playing quarter and half notes on Rhythm Cat iPad app. 4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  Learn about the country of India, its festival of Diwali, the sitar instrument, and use rhythm sticks to dance an Indian stick dance called “Dandiya”.  Dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, when time allows.  PreK/PreS:  Learn about the Indian sitar instrument, use rhythm sticks to dance an Indian stick dance called “Dandiya”.  Sing JJJSchmidt, play Rhythm Cat (iPad app).
  • Week 5.2  4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  Play “Beat Detective” circle game, then practice playing quarter and half notes on Rhythm Cat iPad app.  PreS:  Practice notes and rhythms with Rhythm Cat iPad app, play note B with the band on xylophones on “Bee’s Knees”, identify instrument sounds on
  • Week 5.CHORUS  Announce Psalm Cantors, practice psalm “Keep Me Safe, O God.”  Rehearse “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.” Learn fun “Amen” tune (can be turned into a round), practice “Hey Ho, Nobody Home” round.  Practice “Hands and Feet of Christo” (to Despacito tune).
  • Week 5.1  5th: Make pumpkins and do word search or crossword while others are playing xylophones using G,A,B in “B.A. Degree” and “Be Careful”.  4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  Practice notes and rhythms with Rhythm Cat iPad app.  Play again on xylophones using notes B,A,G for “Be Careful” and “B.A. Degree”.  As a reward, watch 5-minute short, “The Short Story of A Fox and A Mouse.”  PreK:  Practice notes and rhythms with Rhythm Cat iPad app, play note B on xylophones with a band on “Bee’s Knees”, identify instrument sounds on
  • Week 4.2  4th/3rd/2nd:  Groups of eight play two tunes on xylophones using notes G,A,B.  Accompaniment track is really fun for both “Bee’s Knees”, “B.A. Degree“, and “Merrily We Roll Along”. Word Search when your group is not playing.  PreK: Talk about Musical Dynamics.  Sing along with songs: “Forte-Piano” and “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout!”.  Move to “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”, watch Music Staff Rollercoaster video.  Move and freeze to drum beat!
  • Week 4.CHORUS:  Learn a round “Hey Ho, Nobody Home”, learn a Hands and Feet of Christ” variation of Despacito tune.  Practice “Siyahamba” and “Star-Spangled Banner”.
  • Week 4.1
    5th:  Music Maze and Instrument Word Scrambles.  4th/3rd/2nd:  Make Music Pumpkins (see images nearby).
    1st:  Talk about Musical Dynamics.  Sing along with songs:  “Forte-Piano”and “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout!”.  Play Beat Detective game.
    K:  Talk about Musical Dynamics.  Sing along with songs:  “Forte-Piano” and “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout!”.  Move to “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”, watch Music Staff Rollercoaster video. PreK: Talk about Musical Dynamics.  Sing along with songs: “Forte-Piano” and “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout!”.  Move to “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”, watch Music Staff Rollercoaster video, play Instrument Family game on
  • Week 3.2 2nd/3rd/4th:  Music Maze “INSTRUMENT”, Music Word Scrambles (easy & difficult).  Quiet pencil games.  1st/K:  Treble clef Autumn worksheet + learn choreography to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.  PreK: Rhythm sticks playing a steady beat and in a parade. Dancing to “Little Stompers” + learn about loud and soft in “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”.
  • Week 3.CHORUS I have 25 4th and 5th Graders excited to be in Chorus.  We auditioned for “Keep Me Safe, O God”, learned/sang “Just Like You”, “Siyahamba”, “Somebody’s Knockin”, and “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat”.  This is an AMAZING bunch and I think we’re gonna have a really good time this year!
  • Week 3.1 5th/4th/3rd:  “My Shot” from the Broadway musical, “Hamilton”.  We learned about Alexander Hamilton in short bio videos Ex.1 or Ex.2, discussed rap in musicals, read the lyrics, sang the song and switched roles as singers or rappers.  VERY COOL!  Some kids already knew all the lyrics!  2nd/1st/K:  Played on the beat and in a parade with songs that helped us explore our three different instruments:  wood, metal, skins (rhythm sticks, triangles, and hand drums).  Reinforced Treble Clef notes with Road Ralley and Treble Basketball on  PreK:  Wood, metal, skins (rhythm sticks, triangles, and hand drums) playing a steady beat and in a parade.
  • Week 2.2 4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” (Strauss) Listening Map + discussion of 2001:Space Odyssey — plus Total Solar Eclipse challenge for Treble Clef (place skoosh ball on floor clef, play note on xylophone).  PreK: Golden Record + Do Re Mi work, Little Stompers, and Beethoven’s Wig.
  • Week 2.CHORUS “Come and See” Day in Chorus.  About 36 4th & 5th Graders sang “Alleluia, Love Is Alive”, “Power of Peace”, “Holy Spirit”, “We Are Marching” (with drum), and “Keep Me Safe O God” (audition illustration by veteran 5th graders).  We previewed “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat”.  Sign-up forms will be sent home tomorrow.
  • Week 2.1 5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  Golden Record from Voyager Spacecraft. See/listen to what was included on the Golden Record, then brainstorm what WE would include on a new Golden Record.  For example, 5th Grade: MJ’s “Billie Jean” and the sound of poking slime. 3rd Grade: “Beethoven’s Wig” and sounds/images of the ocean.  4th Grade: Crowd cheering, J.Bieber singing “Hello”. PreK also moved/stomped to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from “Trolls” and moved/stomped to “Little Stompers”.
  • Week 1 4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K/PreK:  KINGS & QUEENS!  We listened/followed a Listening Map of G. F. Handel’s “Music for the Royal Fireworks“.  We made/colored/donned individual crowns, and learned a medieval circle dance.  Some classes sang/danced to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from “Trolls”, moved/froze to a drum beat, moved/stomped to “Little Stompers”, or learned “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schimdt”.


  • Week 11.1 5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K:  EDVARD GRIEG. Listen to biography video, “Morning Song”, and “Hall of the Mountain King”.  Kids copy down and then play the rhythms of the main four (mixed up) measures of “Hall of the Mountain King” using ti and ta.  Together, we rearrange the measures to match the song.  Each student then mixes up his/her own order of measures and then performs them. PreK: color notes, sing with videos of “Whisper Talk Sing Shout” and “Forte-Piano”, dance/sing to “Better When I’m Dancing”.
  • Week 10.2: 4th/3rd/2nd/1st/K: Piggy Pie book, listen to “Pies Pies” song, I.D. all flavors of pies in song, match pie flavors to musical rhythms.  Dance to “Spiderman” and “Better When I’m Dancing”.
  • Week 10.Veterans Day Assembly: sing “God Bless America” and “Pack Up Your Troubles”
  • Week 10.CHORUS:  Love Round in stairwell, watch a part of our “Be A Friend” video, watch “Hail Holy Queen” from Sister Act, sing and clap “Hail Holy Queen”, learn and rehearse Christmas carols, rehearse “Pack Up Your Troubles” and “God Bless America”.
  • Week 10.1 5th/4th/3rd: Word Game sheets + Boomwhacker 2 at a time Competition reading notes on the treble clef. 2nd/1st/K: Draw treble clef and notes, play notes on Boomwhackers.  PreK: Color, learn concept of low to high scale with Boomwhackers.
  • Week 9.2 4th/3rd/2nd: Match words to note and rest symbols, Pumpkin maze, music maze, Incredibox online game, dance and sing to “Better When I’m Dancing”.  1st/K/PK:  color, mazes, Incredibox online game, rehearse “Pack Up Your Troubles”, watch “Beethoven’s Wig”, dance and sing to “Better When I’m Dancing”.
  • Week 9.CHORUS Learn/practice Love Round in church & stairwell, Hail Holy Queen (funky version), Holy Is Your Name, God Bless America AND Pack Up Your Troubles for Veterans Day Assembly, Spiderman choreography.
  • Week 9.1 5th: Instrument Concentration Game, Danse Macabre Word Search, Incredibox game, Learn/rehearse “Pack Up Your Troubles” for Veterans Day Assembly, learn choreography for “Better When I’m Dancing”.  4th/2nd/1st/K:  Draw notes and rests, Rest Hunt, Concentration game, Turkey Treble notes worksheet. PreK: Incredibox, dance and sing to “Sing”, ID instruments.
  • Out early for Halloween and P-T Conferences
  • Week 8.1 K-5th:  DRUMS!  Call and response “What’s Your Favorite?” (Halloween candy) plus Call and response Freestyle.  Guess which rhythm the teacher is playing/clapping (rhythm patterns projected on board). Learn/practice “Pack Up Your Troubles” for the Veterans Day Assembly.  PreK: Drumming and Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance.
  • Week 7.2  3rd Grade:  Saint-Saens’ “Danse Macabre” lesson as we learn about another composer and Program Music.  Learn a WWI troops song, “Pack Up Your Troubles”, and “Halloween Hand Jive”.  End with “Beat the Teacher” (class gets a point if no one claps back the Forbidden Rhythm; teacher gets a point if anyone claps it).
  • Week 7.CHORUS  Practice and videotape “Be A Friend”.  Learn songs for All Saints Day Mass.  Practice “God Bless America”.  Learn and practice choreography for “SpiderMan”.
  • Week 7.1 5th: Play instruments to the Sound Poem, “Making Jack-o-Lanterns”, watch Mozart’s Magic Flute to end.  4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, K, PreK: Sound Poem again. Dance and sing to “Halloween Hand Jive”. Play Boomwhackers to “Street Beat”.
  • Week 6.2  All: Mass with lots of singing! (Shine Jesus Shine, Keep Me Safe O God, Somebody’s Knockin, Go Make A Difference, Prayer of St Francis, Power of Peace).  4th: Play instruments to the Sound Poem, “Making Jack-o-Lanterns”, watch Mozart’s Magic Flute to end.  1st, K, & PreK: Play instruments to the Sound Poem, “Making Jack-o-Lanterns”. Dance and sing to “Fallin’ for Fall” and “Sing!”.
  • Week 6.CHORUS We again practiced and videotaped “Be A Friend” dance steps in the sunshine (u-dips, the snake, grapevine!).  In the church choir loft, we practiced for tomorrow’s mass: Keep Me Safe O God, Power of Peace, Prayer of St. Francis, Shine Jesus Shine, Somebody’s Knockin’ At Your Door, and Go Make A Difference.
  • Week 6.1 5th: Reveal wall, watch Mozart mini bio, and Magic Flute synopsis, 5th, 4th, 3rd: “Magic Flute” Opera.  Dance and sing to “Better When I’m Dancing” (actual choreography!).  2nd, 1st, K, PS:  Sing and dance like leaves to “Fallin’ Into Fall”, play steady beats on rhythm sticks to “Steady Eddie”, play a singing game akin to Marco Polo with “Spin Around”, and “Beat Detective”.
  • Week 5.2 4th, 3rd, 2nd: Mozart mini biography, Brief synopsis of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, a portion of “The Magic Flute” short cartoon with segments of all the sparkling arias, duets, etc. “Forte-Piano” singing and learning dynamics with MusicExpress’s “The Music Show”, plus Beat the Teacher (listening for distinct rhythms). 2nd, 1st, K, PK sing & move to “Time For School” (This is the way we walk to school, walk to school, walk to school…then skip, tiptoe, swim!, etc.).  Reveal the newly-painted low wall!
  • Week 5.CHORUS We practiced and videotaped “Be A Friend” dance steps on the playground steps (u-dips, the snake, grapevine!).  In the church choir loft, we learned who was chosen for the Psalm & Alleluia solo groups, then learned/practiced for next week’s mass: Keep Me Safe O God, Holy Spirit, Power of Peace, Prayer of St. Francis, Shine Jesus Shine, Somebody’s Knockin’ At Your Door, and Go Make A Difference.  Then, in the Music Classroom, we learned “God Bless America” in preparation for the Veteran’s Day Assembly.  This was all in 45 minutes.  We’re movin’ and shakin’ constantly!
  • Week 5.1 5th: Xylophones “Cajun Spice” plus music mazes.  4th, 3rd:  Music is Math Addition and Fill-in-Blank sheets plus “I’m Better When I’m Dancing” dancing.  PK, 2nd, 1st, K:  Beat the Teacher clapping game, “Forte-Piano” singing and learning dynamics with The Music Show. “Cha Cha Cha Boogie”.
  • Week 4.2:  4th, 3rd, 2nd:  Xylophone accompaniment played along with a zydeco band to “Cajun Spice”. Two complicated mazes whose paths spell out MOZART and BEETHOVEN. No 1st today (MAPS).  Kindergarten: Play xylophones to “Uniquely Me” AND “Cajun Spice” along with a Drum Maze and coloring pages of saxophones and guitars.
  • Week 4.CHORUS:  Learn choreography to “Be A Friend”, film a bit of us dancing on the church steps.  Rehearse audition “Keep Me Safe, O God”. Sing “Power of Peace”.
  • Week 4.1:  “Visit” Brazil through stories, songs, dances, and images.  Learn “A Ram Sam Sam” with hand signals, sing in a ROUND or sing it faster and faster and faster!  Get quizzed on notes on a staff, toss a paper disc or airplane onto a bullseye to score points.  Watch “Beethoven’s Wig” (a 2-min cartoon based on his 5th Symphony in C). PS/PK learn to sing “Uniquely Me” and improvise on xylophones.
  • Week 3.2:  “Beat Detective” (trying to find the leader while tapping to the beat). More dancing & singing to “Walk! Skip! Gallop”, “Whisper, Talk! Sing! Shout!”, and “Sing!”
  • Week 3.CHORUS:  35 CHORUS MEMBERS!  We practiced Prayer of St. Francis, Holy Spirit, Keep Me Safe O God, Power of Peace, Be A Friend, Spider Man.
  • Week 3.1:  3rd/4th/5th:  Short video on Beethoven, ID four Beethoven compositions, Short video on the Orchestra ==> QUIZ plus dance/sing to “Sing!”  PK-2nd:  Shakers and Rhythm Sticks: keeping a steady beat with “Welcome to Beat Street”.  “Walk! Skip! Gallop”, “Whisper, Talk! Sing! Shout!”, and “Sing!” Watch short videos on Beethoven then Pink Panther playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.
  • Week 2.2:  Identifying Leitmotifs/Themes with Composer John Williams and his Main Theme from “Star Wars”.  Describe differences in themes, listen for instrumentation.  Identify Orchestra Sections.  PK-1st sing and dance to “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”, “Sing!”, and “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout!”
  • Week 2.CHORUS: Welcome. Talk about contracts and things we do.  5th Graders give us examples of Psalm auditions on “Keep Me Safe, O God”.  Learn “Be A Friend”.  Wow!  Lots of potential members, potential energy!
  • Week 2.1:  Pentatonix interview, quiz, new vocabulary, sing along with “Sing” by Pentatonix, learn dance moves for “Sing”, compare “Happy” by Pharrell to “Happy” cover by Pentatonix. Littler kids sing and dance to another song, “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”
  • Week 1.2:  Create individual flags for decorating music classroom.
  • Week 1.1:  Music/Theatre Games: “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean” game with movement on “B”s.  The “Do Not Laugh” game.  The “Quiet” game.  Winners pose for Music Room silhouettes. Younger grades also dance and sing to “Cha Cha Cha Boogie”.