Music Program

Welcome to a new year in OLG Music!MM910001156

The 2023-24 School Year is here!  Here are some of the things that will be happening in Music Class this year:

  • We will sing, dance, and play instruments (masks optional, school policy). We will learn, among other things,:
    • solfège notation and hand signals
    • how to identify rhythms and notes on the music staff,
    • how to read music in hymnals,
    • basic keyboard orientation and music theory
    • about music around the world with colorful and engaging videos, songs, and dances.

  • Here is a video snapshot of just a few of the things we’ve done in OLG music since 2010:
      CLICK HERE!!

  • 4TH/5TH CHORUS:  In the Church Choir Loft, we rehearse and perform for the All-School Masses.  Students will be invited to “test out” CHORUS in early September.  Each year, we hope to:

    • Give a few “Flash Mob” lunchtime performances,
    • Sing carols at Providence, the OLG Light Up the Night, and the school Christmas sing-along,
    • Lead every school mass and audition for cantor roles
    • Learn how to sing two-part harmony and rounds
    • Audition for singing the National Anthem at a Mariner’s Game
    • Perform extraordinary songs at the Winter and Spring Concerts (most recently: “My Shot” (from Hamilton)!

  • MIDDLE SCHOOL CHOIR (ON HOLD):  We will miss Mrs. Milanese, but I’m taking up the charge to lead the 6-7-8th Graders in Choir (like band and Chorus, it is optional extra-curricular).  The rehearsal times, focus, and performance opportunities have yet to be solidified, but I’m thrilled about the potential with our Middle Schoolers!

  • GREEN SCREEN MUSICALS & PERFORMANCES:  Since Spring 2022, I’ve created short GREEN SCREEN musicals with the 4th and/or 5th Grades.  These musicals are from MusicPlay/John Jacobson and MTI.  See past examples here:

  • If your child (Kindergarten through 10th Grade) is interested in choral singing outside of school, please look into this West Seattle organization: the Endolyne Children’s Choir. They’ve been around since 2003.

  • I keep a Running Log of our classroom activities (sometimes in my own digital shorthand).  To see, click here.


My directive and goal is to help kids experience the joy of music and I am honored to do that in every single moment that I spend with the students.  Here’s to a unique and excellent school year!

Ms. Ann Sager












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