Distinguished Educator Award

Distinguished Educator Award

The annual OLG Distinguished Educator Award recognizes one teacher or staff member for excellence in education here at Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a great opportunity to recognize an OLG teacher or staff member who stands out in your child’s life and makes a significant positive difference through his or her educational ministry. The recipient is awarded a stipend for summer travel and professional development, pledging to return and share the experience with their classroom and school. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences!

Prior award winners have travelled to national and international sites.  Here are a few examples of what teachers have brought back in recent years:

2018 - Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Wilson studied the stories and places of Saints Bernadette and Therese of the Little Flower in France.  Mrs. Wilson brought this new learning back to our campus to expand all of our understanding of devotion and miracles.

2017 - Mrs. Gazewood

Mrs. Gazewood explored the geological wonders of three national parks: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion. This trip was inspired by her own third grade teacher who shared about this area and instilled a lifelong interest in rock formations and in celebrating God’s creation. She brought back a presentation to staff, curriculum materials and photos to share with the school, enhancing her Pebbles, Sand and Silt unit in her classroom.

Wonders of Creation - OLG 2017 Distinguished Teacher Award from OLG School on Vimeo.

2016 - Ms. Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs Journeyed to Ireland  to study the culture, religious conflict, and history of the country.  She also explored her own Irish heritage as it relates to American history and Irish immigration from the 1700s thru the 1900s. Back in the classroom, she ties her learning into current issues of immigration, religious intolerance, and Catholic Social Teaching.

2015 - Mrs. Heiger

Mrs. Heiger travelled to the Holy Land for an immersion in the historical, cultural and religious realities of the region and to gain first-hand experiences to enhance the 7th grade curriculum, focused on the “Life and Times of Jesus Christ” and Catholic Social Teaching, as well as 8th grade discussions of world-wide current events.

2013 - Mrs. Heidi

Ms. Heidi used her award to learn new art and mural drawing techniques to bring alive our stairwells fabulous "salmon waterfall."  She continues to use the skills she learned to create amazing backdrops for our school theatre programs.

2010 - Mrs. Hoch

Mrs. Hoch experienced the El Camino and other elements of Spain, sharing with students and staff alike through art and knowledge in her classroom, and providing students with an El Camino-like experience of walking and praying.


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