Newsletter June 13th

Dear OLG Community,

It seems hard to believe that a full school year has passed. Glancing through my newsletters over the course of the year, I found so many themes shared, so many paths taken as a community. Joys and challenges, celebrations and consolations. Collectively, we have experienced much. As I end the year, I go back to where we began in September, thinking about our theme for the year “We are called: Embracing the YES!” In order to say yes, we had to step back from some things from time to time. We had to be willing to propel ourselves, and one another forward in order to thrive. Did it always mean smooth sailing, no. But as a whole, I believe it made us come together even stronger than before.

Today, the newsletter is a little longer, but a few things to highlight:

  • Thank you to all who participated in the Loop, and to the 2nd grade class who had most registered participants! Way to go!
  • To our graduates! Unable to make it? Check out this video featuring our grads HERE!
  • To our brave and fearless Student Council Candidates! Thank you all for applying, running, speaking, and…Continue Reading