Ms. Allie Savio

Don’t be afraid to be wrong, be brave enough to try. I encourage my students to engage and participate, ask questions, take risks, and be bold. It is my belief that learning happens best when mistakes are made. Making Math an approachable subject, building confidence, strengthening perseverance, and preparing all students for higher education is the ultimate goal.

I am a graduate of Central Washington University with a BA in education and a minor in mathematics. I’ve taught at OLG since 2011, both as a 3rd grade teacher and middle school math specialist.

When I’m not teaching, you can likely find me with my golden retriever, Wilson, cheering on the Seahawks, hiking the beautiful PNW trails, vacationing in Hawai’i, babysitting my nieces and nephews, traveling our world, eating big meals with my ohana, or relaxing in Ronald, WA at the family cabin.

If you have a chance come check out the “Seahawks” Math Lab; it is right across from the office.