June 13th Newsletter

Dear OLG Families,

Here we are in the final days of this school for the year, yet I find myself with so much to say about exciting new developments looking ahead! This week our 2nd-7th graders voted on their 2019-2020 Student Council (Pictured above, not pictured: Kendyll King). I don’t think I’ve every heard such an excellent set of speeches by students! From dreams and jokes to caring for the poor and marginalized, we heard it all. We are going to have a mighty student council next year! Mr. Casey and Ms. Hobbs are excited to be working with this amazing student leadership team over the next 12 months! Congrats to our Student Council for next year, and all the outstanding candidates!

  • President: Yonathon Fitsum
  • Vice Pres: Lily Sewell
  • Secretary: Rachel Croft
  • Asst. Secretary: Liam Stampe
  • Publicist: Sophie Nguyen
  • Asst. Publicist: Kingsley Womac
  • Lead Representative: Liam Baier
  • Representatives:
  • Katie M.
  • Ava L.
  • Gresham C.
  • Nico A.
  • Matthew N.
  • Kelsey O.
  • Benjamin V.
  • Joseph M.
  • Kendyll K.
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