OLG Newsletter – Sept 18th

September 18, 2014

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Part of the accreditation process for Catholic Schools involves examining the ways in which our Mission and School-Wide Learning Expectations (SLEs) are integrated into all that we do – and shaping who our students become as “Faith-Inspired Catholics, Life-Long Learners, Active Members of the Global Community, and Confident and Resilient Individuals.” You’ll be hearing more about this work throughout the year and about the SLE Portfolio that will travel through the grades with each student, with evidence of growth in each of these areas. It’s a joy to see outward signs of this inner growth in our students and to know that our teachers are nurturing and celebrating that growth! Thanks to Rita Gazewood, SLE Committee Chair, who has guided this SLE reflection process.

I encourage you to take time to ready through this week’s newsletter for upcoming Parent Org events, news from our music program, more Fundraising FAQs, opportunities for deeper engagement in OLG parish, and much more! Be sure to check the Important Dates for upcoming parent and family events, holidays, and early dismissal dates!

Thank you for your commitment to Catholic education at OLG School. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

School Fund Drive Campaign Kicks Off This Weekend – We Need You!


As we launch our annual School Fund Drive Campaign this weekend, it is a good time to thank all our supporters of OLG Parish’s largest ministry.


As you celebrate Mass this weekend with your family, take a moment to thank those around you for the gift of a wonderful Catholic education and community.  School children are asked to wear their uniforms this Sunday as a visible reminder of who our Fund Drive benefits through our financial support of a strong academic education, rooted in our Catholic faith.

Welcome to another round of OLG School Fundraising FAQs. Let’s get to it.

I got something in the mail about the School Fund Drive. Which one is this?


The Fund Drive, which runs through Oct. 3rd, is one of the two major school fundraising efforts each year. (The other is the Auction. Mark your calendars for Feb. 28, 2015.)


Most school fundraising helps close the gap on basic costs like salaries, supplies and utilities. The Fund Drive is a little different. It supports steady investment in things that keep us growing: facility and program improvements, professional development for our teachers, the bulk of tuition assistance and endowment for the future. The Fund Drive is why we have middle-school Spanish, preschool, a real science lab, a music room and document cameras, and why this excellent school is available to families at all income levels.


I already give to the auction. Is that enough?

Ideally we’d like every family to give to both the Fund Drive and the Auction, within their means. Both fundraisers provide critical resources to the school, and every gift makes a difference.


I prefer the Fund Drive. Can I skip the auction?

See above. Even if parties aren’t your thing, you can make a general donation to the auction, or a gift supporting the event’s special funded improvement.


OK. How do I give to the Fund Drive?

Between Sept. 20th-Oct. 3rd, you’ll get a reminder email blast asking for your support. Payments can be spread out through July 31, 2015.


But you don’t have to wait! Pledge by setting up your payment online, or email Chantille Henry with the amount you wish to pledge.


Tune in next week, when we address this little question: “How much should I give?”


Got a question? Send inquiries to Donna Ramos or Chantille Henry.

Erin Stampe

Parent Org Chair


We are two plus weeks into the school year and it seems we are off to a great start! Routines are starting to feel comfortable and people seem ready to welcome fall with all its beauty and much-loved traditions. Speaking of those traditions, have you stocked up on your wrapping for the holidays yet? Now is your chance to do so! The Parent Org’s Fall Fundraiser is in progress and goes through this Friday, September 19th. Remember you can shop online at theCharleston Wrap website. Simply register your student(s) on the Charleston Wrap website and a six-digit code will be automatically generated for your child to earn prizes. If you have friends or family wanting to buy wrapping paper closer to the holidays, no problem! Be sure they have our school code (8666), and they can support our school through their online purchases with Charleston Wrap throughout year.
Save the Date

Come join us for an evening of family fun and socializing! Saturday, September 27th the OLG Parent Organization will be hosting BINGO in the school hall from 6pm to 9pm. This is a fun evening for the entire family! The Parent Org is proud to host events that bring our community together. So please join us and meet new families and catch-up with old friends. Food will be available for purchase and BINGO cards are only $1! Where else can you take the entire family for a fun and affordable night out on the town? We hope to see you there! We still need a few more volunteers for this great event. So, if you would like to get a jump start on those commitment hours, click here to sign up.


Upcoming Parent Org Meeting

Our next Parent Org meeting is Tuesday, October 14th at 6:30 PM in the school math lab (located across from the front desk on the main floor).  We’d love to have everyone involved! It’s a great platform for the Parent Org Committee to share with you the latest happenings and also hear your thoughts and opinions. Please join us!

Please consider volunteering at the Jefferson Square or Admiral Safeway for E-scrip. This is such an important fundraiser because it’s “free” money for our school community — so let’s get out there and ASK Safeway patrons to assign their cards to OLG as a beneficiary!


This is an easy and great way to start accruing those volunteer commitment hours for the school year!


You can select from either Sept. 27 or 28, at either the Jefferson or Admiral Safeway store  (minimum 2 hour shift requested):



9:00 to 11:00am,

11:00am to 1:00pm,

1:00pm to 3:00pm,

3:00pm to 5:00pm


Can your children help?  Yes, but you must work with them and they should come in uniform.


Can I sign up for more than one date or 2-hour shift?  Why, of course you can! We would love to have you there as many hours as you want to put in.


How do I sign up?  Please follow the following links to sign up.

Contact E-scrip Co-Chair Page Garcia with questions.

Halloween Carnival:  Are you looking to serve?

Save the date for this year’s Halloween Carnival on Saturday, October 25th, 4-8 pm. The OLG Parent Org is asking each class to be responsible for a separate area of the Carnival. No financial contribution necessary. Please show your support & help us raise FUN.


Each year a host of families show-up & help out above & beyond what is expected. The Carnival needs more volunteers to pitch in like this. Special thanks & recognition to every OLG family that has done a little extra to make the Halloween Carnival a continued success. Thank you Susan & Josh, David, Natalie, Steve, Shelley, Alison, Sandy, Michelle, Nicole, Daren, Kristin, Toddy, Chris, Chantille, & Rick!!!


At least 3 volunteers from each class are needed for the 1st shift (3:45-6:15) & for the 2nd shift (5:45-8:15). Two additional helpers are needed for set-up & cleanup.


Which area is your class responsible for?

  • Pre-school & Pre-Kindergarten – Duck Pond & Crafts
  • Kindergarten – Ice Cream & Beauty Parlor
  • 1st Grade – Bingo
  • 2nd Grade – Games
  • 3rd Grade – Photos
  • 4th Grade – Cake Walk
  • 5th Grade – Haunted Hall
  • 6th Grade – Prizes & Tickets
  • 7th Grade – Zombie Tag & Games
  • 8th Grade – Food & Drinks

Reluctant to commit? David & Moses were reluctant to answer the call. This is fun & easy. You can do it!!!


Contact Gretchen Hill or your class PO rep & let them know you’re ready to serve up some Halloween fun.

Speech & Language Development Meetings

Permission slips are being sent home for speech-language development screenings. Screenings are available for students of any age. Interested families should return the forms indicating which skill areas are of concern (articulation, stuttering, direction following, grammar skills, etc.). Please direct any questions to Donna Ramos at (206) 935-0651.


From Ms. Sager‘s Music Classroom:

We’re off to a great start in music this year!

Kindergarten through 5th have already had lessons, reviews, and quizzes on music notation, solfege, scales, and clefs.  We used Storybots, a free iPad app, to help visualize Do, Re, and Mi.  We used Note Pizza (no-tech, hands-on paper circles) to better understand the values of eighth, quarter, half, and whole notes.  2nd through 5th have also had a listening lesson and quiz about Ludwig von Beethoven and his many famous compositions.

K, 1st, and 2nd also used Rhythm Cat, a free iPad app, to further understand the value of quarter and half notes.  As far as classroom management, I award or revoke points in Class Dojo (iPad app) for good or not-so-good behavior.  It’s entertaining and effective for all! 1st, K, PreK, and PreS had a coloring/listening lesson with Mr. Amadeus Mozart.  We talked about variations on a theme using Mozart’s examples on “Twinkle, Twinkle” and colored a star differently with every variation.  It is my favorite lesson, so far this year!

PreK and PreS have the joy of drumming, singing silly songs like “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”, using shakers, using Storybots & Rhythm Cat, and dancing to “Fireworks” while the projection wall explodes with fireworks, too.

I’m thrilled with the ever-growing interest in 4th/5th Chorus.  We have a great year planned:  school mass song leaders, impromptu lunchtime performances, a Halloween performance, caroling at Providence and at the tree lighting ceremony, school concerts, and a Christmas performance during our school sing-along.

Singing is not only for the pop stars on the radio and the divas at Carnegie Hall.  Singing is a core human ability that needs only to be encouraged.  My colleague, a teacher of children’s musical theater, laments that more and more children cannot match pitch with their voice.  This is simply because children don’t sing as often with their family or friends.  Please take this as an invitation to sing all the time with your children!


Family Faith Sundays –  All Families Welcome!

Parent Guardian Orientation meeting for the Family Faith Program required as part of the program participation, for grades K-8 on September 21st at 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM at The Walmesley Center.  For more information contact Marion Kari @ 206 935-0358 ext. 113. You can also find more information on our website.


St. Vincent de Paul News

OLG will be celebrating the feast of St Vincent de Paul over the weekend of October 4 & 5 with a “Stuff the Truck Event” run by our Vinnies. A “Vinnie Van” will be parked at the north end of the Walmesley Center parking lot and the Vinnies will be on hand to help unload your donations and stuff the truck.

So, clear your closets, unclutter your house and help our neighbors in need! Please help us by looking through your closet and bringing clean, wearable clothing and shoes as well as gently used furniture and household goods to Mass with you on Oct. 4-5.

All of your donations will go to St Vincent de Paul’s five thrift stores where they are sorted and resold generating about $4.5 million/year; so giving clothing and shoes, furniture and household items is like giving money. The Vinnie stores sell what you give us to support our programs helping people in need. About 90 cents of every dollar donated to us goes to programs.

Save the Dates: Oct. 4 & 5
Times: Sat Oct 4: 12pm to 5.30pm
Sunday Oct 5: 8.30am to 12.30pm
(the truck will be at the North end of the Walmesley Center parking lot)

Thank you for your generous support!

OLG St Vincent de Paul Conference – President

Click here to Find out the latest CYO News and more information about the CYO ANNUAL ITALIAN DINNER – November 15, 2014.

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Please continue to keep Brianna Nelson, 2014 OLG graduate, and her family, in your prayers. Brianna has been diagnosed with leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital. We pray for speedy healing for Brianna and strength and comfort for her family at this difficult time.