September 20th Newsletter

Dear OLG Families,


Curriculum Nights are over, you’ve all had a chance to meet your child’s teacher, and we are ready to “Grow in the Light of Christ” this school year! Last week I mentioned growing pains and this week I’m happy to announce that we’ve overcome one of those pains…Milk! Yes, we got past the closure of our old supplier, the regional Dairigold woes, and we’ve finally got milk on the way! Hooray!


Yesterday all our students were happily smiling for the camera for picture day… keep an eye out for picture retake day coming soon if your child was absent, or had one of those really bad hair days! Other reasons to smile and share the light with each other is in our newest event, Artwalk, the blessing of all educators & school renovations on Catechetical Sunday, and of course all the many opportunities we have to work, learn, and play together! We are truly growing together as a community!…Continue Reading