Required Family Volunteer Hours – FAQs

Completing Required Family Volunteer Hours:
Families accrue completed volunteer hours by answering the call for help! Throughout the school year, there will be many opportunities to volunteer for Parent Org events, in your child’s classroom, for the school (front office) and for the parish, just to name a few. Volunteer opportunities will be made known through the Volunteer Opportunities page,  the Weekly School Newsletter (emailed to families every Thursday), through emails from your child’s teacher, emails from your Parent Org class rep, and through additional -specific- opportunities also posted on the Parish Bulletin. The volunteer opportunities are many!

What are some common volunteer options?
Some common volunteer opportunities include our Annual School Auction, Jog-A-Thon, Halloween Carnival, OLG Game Night, Light the Night (Christmas Lighting event), Math Night, and other Parent Org events, serving on a parish or school committee/board, field trip chaperone, helping in the classroom, Scouts, CYO coaching, Parish support, school office support, take home work for teachers or fundraising events, playground/recess duty, helping with extracurricular activities and summer camps, room parent, class auction project parent, middle school lab assistant, speech team coordinator (middle school), classroom book orders, community meals, participating in OLG’s Day of Service, providing free childcare for a school family so they can volunteer…

Do we have to complete all our required hours at one time?
No. There are plenty of opportunities for shorter volunteer roles.

Can only the child’s parents or guardians complete the required volunteer hours?
No. You have options. Any adult (i.e. over the age of 18) family members or friends you may have “recruited” to volunteer at an specific event or activity, on behalf of your family, may contribute towards that family’s volunteer hours requirement.

How do we log our family’s completed volunteer hours?
Currently, we track hours using Google Forms . This information is then downloaded into an Excel report that tracks totals for all OLG families. Click here for a link to the Volunteer Hours Tracking Form.

How do we know where we stand on completed volunteer hours?
The Parent Org will send email reports to school families, using the primary email address listed for your family.  The reports will list the total number of hours logged by the family and will be sent roughly once a month at the beginning of each month starting in October and running through May. You will continue to receive a monthly report even after you meet your commitment for the year, and will receive one last report early June showing your final hour totals. The deadline for submitting hours is now May 31st.

What if my family is not able to complete our number of required volunteer hours by May 31st?
One of the ways our school community remains robust is by all families contributing to the greater good by offering their time to help with various activities. While we want all families to be successful in fulfilling their required number of hours and we are glad to offer as much flexibility as possible, we also need to be fair and consistent and hold families accountable for any unfulfilled required volunteer hours. Thus, all hours not fulfilled will result in a $25 per hour charge to be paid before the close of the school year. However, if you are unable to fulfill your hours for specific reasons, please contact the School Principal to discuss options.

Can we roll over or transfer our completed volunteer hours (if we completed more than the minimum required) from one school year to the next? 
Extra hours may NOT be transferred to another family or held for next year.Extra hours may NOT be transferred to another family or held for next year.

Is there any training I need to complete before volunteering?
YES! All volunteers are required to be up-to-date on the Archdiocesan Safe Environment requirements. In addition, some volunteers, depending on the role they will be fulfilling, will be also required to complete specific training prior to volunteering. Click HERE or in the link above to learn more.

I don’t really know what would be the right volunteer option for me. I don’t see anything that excites me…
We got you covered! Then TELL US WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO! Take a few minutes to complete our Volunteer Preferences Survey and let us help you!

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